Australian Anglers Association, (WA Division) Inc.

Australian Anglers Association
(WA Division) Inc.

PO Box 2200
Marmion, 6020
Western Australia
(08) 9403 7383

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Copyright Notice

The Australian Anglers Association believes education and spreading information about recreational fishing in Western Australia are both very important.

The Association encourages other people to have their say on important issues and to spread information.

One of the principal aims of the Association is to promote angling as an enjoyable activity and recreation. The clubs generally promote the exchange of knowledge and education in the use, care and management of tackle and other equipment, and the collection and publication of information about fishing and dry casting.

We hope you find the information on our website useful and interesting.

You are allowed to use information from the Association's website without seeking formal permission, on condition that you acknowledge the Association as the source if you use or quote large parts of the information from our website without putting the ideas into your own words.

You are allowed to link to any pages on this website.

We have provided an easy way to send an email to other people about information and pages on this website, and we encourage you to use this.

Every page has a "Email this page" link in the left hand menu and at the bottom of the page to prepare the email message for you.

The coding for this website has been developed, maintained, and supported by Terry Fuller. All personal rights are reserved.

All pages, documents and graphics on this site are automatically protected by Copyright legislation, which also allows copying and use of some information under "fair dealing" provisions.

The Association reserves the right to act under Copyright legislation if the use of information from this site does not meet the reasonable conditions we have set or the provisions of Copyright legislation.

If you have any questions about this, please Contact the Association

This page last updated 17 August 2014.

Australian Anglers Association
(WA Division) Inc.

PO Box 2200
Marmion, 6020
Western Australia
(08) 9403 7383
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