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Australian Anglers Association
(WA Division) Inc.

PO Box 2200
Marmion, 6020
Western Australia
(08) 9403 7383

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Fishing and Drycasting Records.

The Australian Anglers Association maintains lists of all record fish captures made in Western Australia, and drycasting records cast in Western Australia or by a qualified resident of WA in approved National drycasting competitions.

The National Records Authority is currently based in Western Australia and maintains National Record Lists.

Record Fish.

Anyone, resident or visitor, who has caught a fish in WA waters is entitled to claim the capture as a record.

Here is an Application Form for a fish capture record. This file is in PDF format. If you wish to download the PDF document and use it later, please click the right mouse button (Windows) or click the mouse (Macs) on the link and select "Save target as..." (Internet Explorer) or "Save link as..." (Netscape Navigator).

Species excluded from the record chart are crustaceans, mammals, molluscs and reptiles. The only fish acceptable for record claims are those caught by an angler using a hook and line. Fish captured by spearing, trapping or any method other than angling, will not be considered.

The applicant may receive assistance with the gaffing of the capture, to boat or land the fish, but no other person is allowed to handle the rod, line or reel from the time of hooking the fish. If the angler has been fishing alone, with no witness to capture, a statutory declaration is necessary to support the claim.

The fish must be weighed on certified scales, such as those used by retail outlets (e.g. butcher, greengrocer etc.). No allowance is made for the loss of weight if the fish has been gilled and gutted, or is weighed several hours after capture.


To assist with the identification of fish captures, a clear side view photograph of a fish must accompany the record claim. Please include a ruler in the photograph. If you do not have a ruler, please include in the photograph some other well known item of a known length such as a cool drink bottle, milk carton, can, etc.

Please also provide one or preferably more photographs of the angler holding the fish, and indicate if you would be prepared to allow the photograph to be used for publicity of the record fish.

If you say you are willing for the photograph to be used, we will always give you full details and seek your permission before we use the photograph in any publicity.

If in doubt take several photographs from different angles. The AAA will normally only retain one photograph will return the remainder.

Ensure that the fish is photographed in full light, with no shadows on it, and preferably on a neutral background. Where possible a flat grey background is preferred to obtain best results.

If the capture is a shark a tooth from the upper jaw will be required to assist with positive identification.

A record claim fee is applicable for both State and National Record captures.

Drycasting Records.

See the Dry Casting records page.

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Fish records linked on this page updated on 31 July 2013.

Australian Anglers Association
(WA Division) Inc.

PO Box 2200
Marmion, 6020
Western Australia
(08) 9403 7383
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